Planning Process



  • Outline Concepts
  • Liaison with Planning Authorities and Statutory Consultees

  • Landscape Design and Assessment to Support Planning Applications

  • Environmental Statements

  • Planning Appealsand Public Inquiries

  • Detailed Landscape Proposals to Satisfy Planning Conditions

  • Landscape Management Plans

The planning process is becoming ever more demanding, with applicants and developers being required to jump through ever increasing hoops - the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations are being applied to projects of decreasing scale, landscape and visual impact assessments are now a standard requirement for most applications of any size in many areas, and more and more detail is required with applications before they can even be registered. 
 It is therefore important to get good professional advice at an early stage, and to make sure that all information supplied with a planning application is fit for purpose.
 Jon Etchells Consulting (JEC) can provide appropriate and effective technical support at all stages of the planning process, from feasibility studies and draft designs, through planning application drawings including detailed designs and specifications, further information required to discharge planning conditions and landscape management plans to set out how new or existing planting should be managed and cared for over time. 
 The planning process does not always run smoothly - JEC can provide expert evidence in connection with planning appeals, whether in the form of written representations, hearings or Public Inquiries.  Jon Etchells has extensive experience of the preparation and presentation of expert landscape evidence, and has appeared at inquiries for schemes ranging from major trunk roads and developments of more than 1,000 houses to appeals for individual houses in sensitive locations.  Jon Etchells has successfully represented both local authorities in defending their refusal of planning permission and also appellants in seeking to have a refusal overturned.